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"Matt Dorsey has been the general contractor/carpenterformy home in Nobleboro. I wish to state at the outset that in the strongest possible way, I recommend Matt Dorsey to anyone needing a highly competent, professional carpenter and general contractor. This project has been a challenge for several reasons including the landscape of the property but also because I have my parents living with me. Matt has been very responsive and sensitive to the issues arising from two couples having to make decisions/compromises about the circumstances of living in the same house. I am a business consultant helping small and medium sized business people with a variety of business issues including and particularly customer service. I would not be at all hesitant to hold Matt up as an example of how to treat customers in any of my workshops. He almost always answers his cell phone and when he does not he gets back to me within a few minutes. As a very busy business professional, I appreciate this level of customer service. I have worked with many contractors in the past on previous projects and have in most cases been less than fully satisfied. I can honestly say that I am fully satisfied with my entire experience working with Matt Dorsey as my general contractor/carpenter and recommend him without reservation."

Bruce M. Hardina
Cell: (207) 751-0008
Email: brucehardina@yahoo.com

To M & R Dorsey Builders:

I wish to thank you very much for the great work done on my little barn/garage. I was very impressed by all that was accomplished in such a short time, & with such high quality.

You can show this letter to prospective clients and I can verify that you & your crew showed up on time, worked every day, performed change orders with no fuss, and never did I see slack time. The crew was self-managing, and did all the little things that count, such as picking up all loose nails, never wasting stock, and working every minute that I was paying for. This is not that common in your business and sets M & R Dorsey above all the others I've watched in the Mid-coast area.

A bonus was the fun we had. The boys are really great guys, get along with each other AND me, who was constantly under their feet. I hope Pizza Wednesday made up for me being a foreman they didn't need! We had a lot of laughs and can't wait to start the house with you guys. I wouldn't even listen to another builder now, you guys are that good.

So many people have commented on the barn and how pretty it is. My neighbors couldn't believe it when it went up from nothing to complete in 4 weeks, with 1 week between foundation and framing. They all commented on the high quality and two said they wished they had you as a builder rather than the high profile ones they hired.

If you wish to show a client the barn, this is no problem even if we're not there. Bring them over anytime, show them this letter, and tell them this was an on-time and under-budget project. That should be enough for the most critical if not, have them call me personally.

Looking forward to building the house...oil those nail guns up!

Bruce Gilmartin
Boothbay, ME
Boxford, MA

GilmartinFaye & I wish to extend our deepest, most hearty, thank you for our beautiful home. We truly believe that M & R Dorsey is the reason we love this place so much. I am well aware of all the extra work and the good ideas you & the boys came up with during the building and appreciate them. The time & care on setups and the great finishing work, the advice from your previous experiences, and just all the “extras” have contributed to our happiness with the finished results. The quality of your work is reflected in the no call-backs after almost a year, and I know that no other builder in this area can say that.

GilmartinAs a bonus for doing business with you, we discovered Maine’s Best Barbarian B-B-Q, and at the annual family re-union, the food and the house drew accolades from all that attended. I made sure that everyone understood that you were responsible for both!

Again, thank you for the home and for being such a great friend.

Bruce Gilmartin & Faye McNall

I wanted to write a quick note to you to formally thank you for the work you have done for my family and I. Prior to construction I spent a lot of time thinking about a new floorplan and meeting with potential builders. I met with some of the highest regarded builders in the area as well as some the local lumber yards had recommended. It was clear after our first meeting who was going to work with us on this project. You came across as an honest and capable builder, we were not disappointed. You were un-rattled when we said we wanted to live in the house during construction and had no fear in managing a project that had very little detail regarding the modifications to the existing house. We made changes along the way and they were all taken with a "can do" attitude. You built a home with a high regard to detail, ran an orderly construction site, and respected our privacy and belongings along the way. You seamlessly modified a 1,800 sq/ft saltbox into a 4,500 sq/ft custom home.

At the end of the day you built us a new home as if it were your own, you did it on time and on budget, we were and still are treated like family. I wanted a builder I could communicate effectively with and one that would provide a fair value for his work. I ended up with a great friend and a home now worth far in excess of my investment.

Thank You Matt!

Bill Clifford
Material Handling Sales, Inc.
20 Downeast Drive
Yarmouth, Me 04096
207.846.4423 Fax

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