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M&R Dorsey Builders
25 years of creating homes for people with discriminating taste.

Our Crew


Matt Dorsey

Matt is the owner of M & R Dorsey Company.

He was born in Wiscasset on August 2, 1966 and has dreamed all his life of living and working in this neighborhood with his family and friends.

After apprenticing to some of the best builders in Maine, Matt formed M & R Dorsey company and gathered together the best builders in the mid coast to create both a community and a company.

Matt received his Residential Building Certificate from the Construction Certification Institute, Inc., "A corporation organized under the laws of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts" for completing the CCI-Maine State Residential Building Code Examination.

"Building homes is for me an art, a livelihood and a way of life," Matt says. "I love to go to work every day because I am doing what I love and I am doing it with the people I love to be with."


Jim "Beau" Bailey

Jim is a Maine native and a long time friend of Matt's.

He is an experienced painter, cabinet maker and carpenter.

"I have worked for many different people," Jim says, "but I enjoy working with Matt because it is more than just a way of earning a living. I not only spend my time working with Matt and the other guys, but I spend time fishing, hunting and just relaxing with them.

When we work it's like we know what each other is thinking and that makes our work efficient. It makes what we do, be the best that we can do."


Billy Abbott

Bill is a carpenter's carpenter - a master of any part of the process of building a house, from squaring the foundation to trimming the windows and doors.

Bill and Matt have been friends since high school and have been working together since 1996.

"He's the quiet one on the crew," Matt says, "actually we both are pretty quiet. When we work together we'll just nod at each other all day while the others are chattering away. I would say that he's the lead man on the crew. He's a rock."


Scott Mclure

Scott was born in Phippsburg. Before taking up the building trade, Scott ran sporting camps in Fort Kent where he built a number of log cabins.

He is a skilled welder and steelworker, in addition to being a fine carpenter.

"Scott tackles everything with enthusiasm," says Matt, "he tends to inspire all of us. He will take on anything. He's always the first one to volunteer for a difficult job."

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